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Before you create your TV station(s)....Edit

**Make sure you check the following.**

  • You MUST follow EVERY FCC rule. ***BANNED OFFENSE***
  • Channel MUST NOT be taken in a city/market.
    -1st time station will be moved to an open channel or page will be deleted.
    -2nd time station page will automatically be deleted with a warning left by one of the 5 admins on that user's page.
    -3rd time the user will be banned!
  • If your station is affiliated with a real-life network [CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, and so on], you must not create a fictional history for the real-life network. All content and programming that is required to air on all affiliates by the real-life network must be followed. ***BANNED OFFENSE***
  • Callsign must not already be taken. (Same rules apply for former callsigns).
  • You must add categories to every page you create.
  • Every city/market MUST have a PBS affiliate or some type/form of Public Television.


On this wiki, you are allowed to make unlimited requests for logos, station pages etc. However, users must display on their user page that they allow/accept requests. If you feel like you're getting to many requests, please contact one of our admins so we can take care of the problem.
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